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We are your partner for solutions in changing from conventional plastics to bioplastics.
The path towards bioplastics

When substituting or freshly developing articles on the basis of biobased plastics, the “natural” product features shall be preserved. As with conventional plastics, the solution constitutes a compromise between product features and processability.

In the context of the cooperation with our clients and partners from industry and science, we identify a suitable bioplastic blend, which fulfils the specific criteria.

A stringent process
The substitution process towards the final product



Based on our experiences and research results, consumers are open to environmentally friendly packaging and willing to pay more for it. For an optimal marketing effect, the introduction of bioplastics requires a high degree of transparency and accuracy in the communication process in order to convince sensitive end consumers. We support customers in the creation of communication content and in developing a communication strategy, which accompanies the switch towards bioplastics.