Our vision is comprised of two parts
Plastics from renewable resources

In the first part, we want to substitute oil and gas by renewable resources. Here, we support our customers with the selection or development of a suitable bioplastic, which already today fulfils the specific requirements of a desired plastic. Existing bioplastics are mainly made from sugar, which currently is extracted from starch (maize, wheat, beet root, sugar cane…).


Thereby, the partial goal “usage of renewable resources instead of fossil resources” is met.

Residual biomass instead of edible parts of the plant

In the second part, we want to use residual biomass as a renewable resource for the sugar production, so that it is non-conflicting with food production. Residual biomass is available in huge reserves such as waste from the forestry sector or the wood-processing industries. Moreover, straw, rice and grain husks can be used, as well as residues from palm oil production.


To accomplish the second part of our vision “…move away from edible parts of the plants”, we are shareholders of the technology company GREEN SUGAR. GREEN SUGAR holds patents on a second generation saccharification technology. The functioning of the processes are proven, a pilot plant is already in operation.

Our process innovation: Saccharification of residual biomass

Our competencies in the area of bioplastics in combination with the access to the unique GREEN SUGAR-technology enables our clients to substitute their use of conventional plastics with environmentally friendly plastics that are non-conflicting with food.