The skills of Platon Solutions

The management team of Platon Solutions consists of a variety of people with diverse knowledge and experiences who are dedicating their competencies towards the development and marketing of biobased plastics.


Dr. Annikki Schoolmann

After studying law and obtaining a doctorate at the University of Hamburg, Dr. Schoolmann worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the field of state export credit insurance, as a team lead in export credit finance and as director of international project and acquisition finance at Deutsche Bank AG. After working as a consultant for the development, structuring and financing of wind and solar projects, she has built up various wind energy funds as Managing Director of several investment companies.

Industrial Partners

Along the value chain from biomass towards the final bioplastic product, we cooperate with highly specialized industrial partner companies. In a close, confident exchange, we develop applications and solutions for our clients, while taking into account the requirements of industrial production.

Our partners are specialists from logistics, biotechnology and plastic granulate compounding and processing of plastic granulates towards the final product.

The ongoing exchange of experiences with technology partners guarantees a continuing development and a high degree of knowledge surrounding the newly developed bioplastics. In that, we especially emphasize the economic and industrial applicability.

Scientific partners

To meet our goal of substituting conventional plastics with biobased plastics, continuous scientific work is required. Plastics display diverse and highly specialized features.
Biobased plastics have to be able to reflect these features adequately in order to be eligible for a substitution. In order to meet this goal, Platon Solutions works with leading research institutions from diverse disciplines in Germany and Europe. We participate in scientific clusters and international bioeconomy networks.